The main mission of Lost City Digital is simply to spread joy to as many people as possible and to use art, technology and science to create experiences that are truly unique and inspiring. 

Play is important. Not just for kids but for all ages. We live in a world where too many people are stressed out, depressed and just generally unhappy. Working a crazy amount of hours and being overly exhausted has almost become a status symbol in today’s society... It’s unhealthy and quite frankly just sad…

Those of us who have been gifted with the ability to create art have the privilege to use our abilities to help bring happiness, beauty and growth to the world. By doing this, we will put more smiles on more faces and perhaps these collective smiles will change this world into a better place. 

Through games, interactive experiences and eventually other products, Lost City Digital will do it’s part to help everyone to slow down, enjoy life and have some fun!

Wishing you all love, success and happiness,

    ⁃    Lost City Digital LLC - Seattle, WA



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