- A New Project: “To create something different, you must learn to think different.” These were the words I told myself as I began making plans for the next Lost City Digital project. The next project from Lost City Digital will be less of a traditional game and more of an interactive short story. It will be a psychedelic space adventure that will play with time, physics and reality. It’s time to make something truly out of the box.

In order to make sure this game lives up to its themes, I will continually research the work of Terence Mckenna and other philosophers. I will also make use of float tanks to experience true nothingness in hopes of finding ideas that will be truly out of this world. I look forward to sharing more. 

- Lost City Digital website is getting a modern makeover!

- GermZ Invazion & The Frozen Ruins have been been updated with graphics enhancements, bug fixes and more. Updates available now!

- Work has begun on next project. More info soon!